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"Shouting will only get you hungry. Damn, those crazy drill instructors. Let's make another round when the sun rises. There should be more people hiding away their food supplies."


The assault team hiding on top of the trees jumped down and assaulted the Elu hunters all at once. The assault team moved on top of flat rocks, which Kuro controlled in place of airbeats. Their mobile tactics were as swift as the Elu hunters'.


Han looked to Kuro. Even without an exchange of words, Kuro was already focusing. He was attempting to use his immediate foresight to discover the source and timing of their attack. His eyes were glowing so bright that his irises seemed to disappear.


Squad 6 had left many of their members injured. Han thoroughly evaluate every squad battle. Squad 6 should be capable of only half their military strength for this round.


"We're able to execute more elaborate battle tactics now that we have more members in our squad. However, I'm not able to control the situation by myself anymore. I need you guys to make the calls for minor interruptions along the way."


Han had never behaved timidly in the face of adults. He had always been battling against adults to survive. He was vastly different to children who quietly complied to an adult's words.

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"We will drop around eight kilometers from our destination. Elu mages have various unique psychic skills, including being able to teleport. If it is not able to oppress us, it is likely to escape immediately by teleportation."


"Everyone be quiet. The drill instructors are not our parents or teachers. Their jobs are to test us and make us fall into despair. The only people Ark seeks are those who are able to climb up from these situations."


"You made a good decision, Han. It was the right decision to continue forward with the military operation. If you had hesitated or decided to pull out, I would have cried that I sacrificed my left leg for you. Anyhow, are you certain that you felt dragon fear from within the dimensional crack?


On the flip side, there were some who could naturally use psychic powers without training. It was as easy as breathing for them.


Second years of Ark are artificially strengthened so that they could manipulate psychic energy with ease.


The blades were much narrower than usual swords, but about two times longer. He wondered whether it was possible to wield such a long sword, but Silence swung the swords in absolute perfect balance. His sword movements were like art itself.


"Stop pretending you know. Just because you scored as a good squad leader candidate, doesn't mean you will be. He will learn from his mistakes and become an admirable seventh squad member."



Han tried his best to try and remember the chapters from the textbooks. Kuro successfully made a hideout. It was a low-grade tent made of intertwined leaves and twigs.



However, humanity had no choice. Though Psykers had unique powers, physical strength was also required to use them. It was impossible to fight a war in a child's body.


"I will get the Elu mage. We will make a surprise attack from behind the dimensional crack. If Elu mages sense psychic energy in the same way as us…, it will be extremely difficult to sense us there. The light coming from the dimensional crack messes up one's senses. Additionally, they will not be able to see well due to the blinding rainbow colored lights shining out from the ground."


This was Kuro's seventh fish today and he looked like he still had powers left to spare.

  • After a month passed, grades were formally given.
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