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The researcher's head and body laid separately on the floor. Herald ran forward and chased after the enemy who opened an attack. The enemy disappeared within the darkness.


Squad 13 held limitless trust toward Han. Han had shown surprising results time and time again. Now that their trustworthy leader was here, they wouldn't need to worry about the little details. They simply needed to trust in the leader's decision and move forward. All decisions would be shouldered by the squad leader now.


"If we consider overall battle strength, Silence and Simon have superior skills. What this team requires of you, is not battle strength, but your quick analytical skills for all situations. I'm sure you're able to deduce your role in the team without further instructions, correct?"


The Elu snickered as it thought of all the ways it killed these humans. It let its murderous greed completely free. It mercilessly massacred the humans and tore them apart from the inside out.


"I like that side of Kuro. However, the Elus and werewolves will not allow it. There will come a time when Kuro must wield a weapon to attack his enemies. If he hesitates at an important moment, the result will be vastly different. It has been so in my own experiences."


"Lots of confidential information is kept in the psychic research center. Every nation around the world has their own active psychic research center. They are always in danger of being attacked by the True Group."

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The sergeant singled Simon out and punished him once again with more force. Simon's eyes glistened with tears. The children realized at this moment.


Han swiftly moved across before the fear would strangle him again. He increased his speed, though this would increase his chance of falling.


A voice came out from within the cave. Han stepped into the cave. His pupils dilated as it became accustomed to the darkness.


Nobody thought that the Elu would be able to use the blink ability. If they figured out that it could use blink, then Herald wouldn't have suffered such an empty death.


Sergeant Red's voice sounded distant. Han breathed hard while getting a hold of himself. Anger boiled from his chest.


Grace stepped out of Han's hospital ward. Han's health exam was near perfect. There would be no problem if he were to start training right away.


"It was just luck. Our opponents were easy to read because they were so strong. Squad 9 who specialize in marksmanship would deploy their best for the 4 member squad, I could read their plans like an open book. If our opponent had not been talented in marksmanship, and instead depended on psychic and close combat powers this plan would not have worked."



Kuro's spear became tangled by Han's training uniform. Han took this moment to step onto Kuro's spear and break it in two. Kuro's hand panged with pain from the sudden force of the spear breaking in two.



Han didn't like to back a person into a corner. He hated it even more so that it had been Kuro. However, he forced himself to back Kuro into a corner.


Worst case scenario, a dragon would be summoned, but they didn't want to think of the possibility. If a dragon was to appear before them, Squad Whiskey would be wiped out. They didn't have the necessary gear to confront a dragon.


On the fourth day of the deserted island survival drill, Han's team couldn't eat to their fill, but they continued to consume consistent amount of protein so getting by everyday wasn't so bad.

  • "Do you think all children are pure hearted? They're no different. If they're able to use their strength without restriction to control others, they will not hesitate to do so. I'm sure many of you would end up stealing to fill your bellies instead of starving."
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