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'Humans must not become used to the act of killing other humans.' Han abruptly reminded himself. He didn't need any reason to follow this way of thinking. Anyone with a bit of morality would believe so.


"It's not an official position, but it was made for smoother organization. Until the first year new transfers get settled in, you will be the head to lead everyone. After everyone settles, this position becomes pointless. However, the drill instructors are also aware of this system so you will be able to get bonus points for yourself."


The werewolves of the forest enlarged their encirclement around them. There should be a minimum of seven werewolves. There was a delicate silence between the werewolves and squad members. There was a completely snow-white furred werewolf among the wolves.


Han looked to Sergeant Red's prosthetic leg. His walking wasn't awkward in anyway at all. The current technology has advanced to the point that it was easy to make a perfect prosthetic leg for any individual.


If one were to disregard Sergeant Red's outward appearance, he was quite a considerate person. Han thought it could be because Sergeant Red was very similar to himself.


Suddenly, Han's body jerked. The speed which he fell decreased. Kuro was catching Han's fall from far away with his telekinesis.

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Many psychic children in general fail to manifest their powers physically. They are unable to bring out the energies within their own bodies. Han was also this way. He thought that things like psychic energy would have nothing to do with his own life. He couldn't even imagine the thought before the sensor rang.


"There is no precedence for this situation. It was the first time a psyker ever rejected psychic energies. Do you understand what this means? Anyway, if we forced the procedure you would have died. You probably don't remember, but you were banging inside the incubator and going crazy.


'No matter how well they perform inside the safe walls of Ark, if they're useless out in actual battle then everything is for naught. There will be no second chance in the face of dragons. What Han and Simon require is actual battle experience.'


His psychic growth speed was outrageous and many people felt that it was already far beyond Class A's level.


It struck through half of Heralds neck. Corporal Zhai shot his gun in wrath.


The automated combat drone dropped its remaining two missiles at once. Kuro already predicted this with his immediate foresight.


'This isn't easy at all. All the squad leaders are keeping their guard up against the thirteenth squad. They dislike the idea of having one of their members stolen from them.'



It heard footsteps from a distance. The Elu was getting chased. It looked all around in every direction. It found a place to hide. 'I will ambush them from the hiding place.' This was an Elu hunter's main tactics. It breathed slowly, and let its presence disappear.



Ark was the core psyker institution, and at the same time, they acted as the core military defence team. They had fought against the remnant minions that had hidden in abandoned terrains around the world.


Laocha took a step back. The one-two punch swooshed and just missed his chin. Then, he swiftly raised his knee to block the kick.


The executives of Ark handed out the data bracelets while they spoke. The inspectors shook their heads.

  • "The other squad had been put in a state incapable of fighting back, but he continued to fire his gun while hiding behind the tree trunk while only having the point of his gun sticking out."
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